Response of Local Sisters


The Zambian Association of Superiors (ZAS) has structured their organization into 11 branches. They are offering a series of awareness seminars and workshops in each of the 11 branches in order to sensitize the Sisters in Zambia to HIV and AIDS issues.

Sisters from Malawi and Zambia held a joint AACSS conference from 25 September to 3 October 2008.

An AACSS Sister was able to expand the programming of a Diocesan radio station in order to offer regularly scheduled programs addressing HIV and AIDS.


Sisters have published a 20 page booklet to explain the role of the Church as Teacher, Servant and Prophet amidst the HIV and AIDS pandemic.

In June 2006, the AACSS coordinator in Zimbabwe organized a workshop on HIV and AIDS: Stigma and Discrimination. Thirty-one Sisters from different religious congregations attended. The Sisters made presentations and shared personal experiences. The AACSS coordinators said the experience was “informative and renewing.”

Local AACSS Sisters secured their own funding to offer a workshop on HIV and AIDS issues for the empowerment of women religious within the pandemic.

“I have learned that the focus should not be on the problem but on the dignity of the person.”