AACSS Volunteer Opportunities

Create lasting change by volunteering with AACSS

Why Volunteer with AACSS?

Stigma, fear and silence contribute to the spread of HIV­-AIDS. Together we can offer our sisters in subSaharan Africa an opportunity to come together to empower each other and to unite in order to address the HIV and AIDS pandemic.


Sub-­Saharan Africa has nearly 70% of the global population living with HIV.


Worldwide, sub-­Saharan Africa accounts for 91% of new infections among children.

Established in 2002, the AACSS partners with women religious in sub­-Saharan Africa to break the silence around the suffering of people affected by the HIV­-AIDS pandemic. Today these women are leading the transformation of attitudes that have long stigmatized people and hindered education for prevention and access to options for care. Creating collaborative strategies by and among African Women Religious for the prevention of HIV-AIDS and the support of those affected by it in subSaharan Africa.