The History of AACSS

Opening The Doors Of Hope Since 2002

In March 2002 a group of African theologians, all women, met with Margaret Farley, RSM, at the Yale School of Divinity to discuss the suffering caused by the HIV and AIDS pandemic in Africa. They concluded that there was a need for women to gather in Africa in order to shatter the silence of shame and fear that surrounds the pandemic. After this meeting in 2002, the Sisters of Mercy initiated the All -Africa Conference: Sister to Sister (AACSS) as a response to the needs expressed by the African women.

Meet The AACSS Executive Director

The All-Africa Conference Sister to Sister, AACSS, an organization which began in 2002 is dedicated to the empowerment of African Religious Women through education, names an Executive Director. Current Co-Directors, Margaret Farley, RSM and Eileen Hogan, RSM, announced the appointment of Rosemary Jeffries, RSM as the Executive Director of the conference effective September 8,2016. Sister Jeffries, a former president of Georgian Court University, NJ, will be working with the many African Religious Women leaders already engaged in this collaborative ministry and will continue seeking the support of US women religious and private foundations established over the past fourteen years. The conference has trained thousands of African women religious in 6 sub-Sahara countries with skills to deal with the AIDS pandemic in Africa. AACSS has also offered counseling degrees to more than 120 African women religious.