Counseling and Faith Formation

Sisters who pursue additional studies with the support of the AAC:SS are a great resource in the communities where they serve and to one another.

Degree programs in counseling empower Sisters to help people break their silence about HIV/AIDS. It is the silence that further burdens a person’s ability to live with the disease and seek help.

“African women religious have the will to break the silence surrounding HIV/AIDS and to alleviate the conditions of poverty that impact family and community life.
Sister-to-Sister is behind us 100% in helping each of us fulfill our mission.” Sister Agnes Nakayiki, Uganda

Degree programs in faith formation enable Sisters to fully witness their faith among the HIV/AIDS community with the goal of delivering compassionate care.

Course work is based on African culture and our Christian faith, which enables Sisters to serve the HIV/AIDS community with the greatest sensitivity. Many say their studies are a step forward in the growth of their faith and their commitment as African women religious.

A major development in the fall of 2018 was the addition of a new degree program at Uganda Martyrs University. Called Transformative Spiritual Leadership and Faith Development, this program addresses the many issues that lie beyond the concerns specific to HIV/AIDS, especially the impact of extreme poverty on individuals and their communities. Based on African culture and our Christian faith, the program will help our Sisters serve the HIV/AIDS community with the greatest sensitivity.

These are some of the major topics covered in AAC:SS-supported degree programs:

  • Understanding scripture and revelation
  • Faith seeking understanding in the 21st century
  • The transformative spirituality of joy and hope
  • Challenges to human growth and development
  • Consecrated life and vows in the African context
  • Techniques for the development of critical thinking

Impact. To date, 150 Sisters have completed degree programs in counseling with the support of AAC:SS. Another 15 Sisters will complete their bachelor degrees in counseling by the fall of 2019; and ten Sisters will continue studies for a master’s degree in counseling. Currently, 22 religious are studying for degrees in faith formation. Another 20 religious are expected to begin studies in faith formation by August 2019.

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