Malawi, Africa


Sisters are well into the work of sensitizing women in religious congregations regarding the need to learn more about HIV and AIDS issues and have begun a process to empower themselves to more effectively address those issues.

Sisters from Malawi and Zambia offered a joint AACSS conference in Lusaka , Zambia, from 25 September to 3 October 2008. Sisters from both countries are continuing to offer an on-going series of workshops regarding HIV and AIDS issues.

Association of Women in Religious Institutes of Malawi (AWRIM)

IS IT POSSIBLE TO AGE GRACEFULLY??? I thought of aging, though gracefully, as something sad, but alas, I must be joyful to have reached that age! AWRIM planned to have a workshop on ‘Growing Old Gracefully’ in July this year which targeted the sisters of...

AACSS Malawi Activity Report by Sister Gloria

I am Sister Gloria Tenthani, a Sister Of Charity Of Ottawa, Coordinator of AACSS in Malawi. I would like to share on AACSS, our activities and impact on sisters, communities, and society as a whole. The mission of AACSS is to bring together...