Our Team


Rosemary Jeffries, RSM, PhD
Executive Director

Sr. Rosemary Jeffries, a Sister of Mercy, is the Executive Director of AAC:SS. She is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Conference, including the management of committees and staff, and oversight of the strategic plan in collaboration with the Board of Directors. Sr. Rosemary works closely with numerous African women religious leaders engaged in the ministry of caring for individuals infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. She oversees program development for the education of women religious in Africa whose mission is breaking the silence surrounding HIV/AIDS, and ending the social stigma that prevents people trapped in poverty from seeking help.

Sr. Rosemary is the former president of Georgian Court University, Lakewood, NJ, a private Roman Catholic institution founded in 1908 by the Sisters of Mercy. During her tenure (2001-2015), Sr. Rosemary advanced Georgian Court from college to university status. She also served on numerous philanthropic and academic Boards.

Sr. Rosemary holds a bachelor’s degree in art education from Georgian Court College; a master’s degree in religious studies from Princeton Theological Seminary; and a master’s degree in public communications from Fordham University. She holds a doctorate in sociology from Fordham University.

Mayon Sylvain, RSM, PhD
Program Director

Sister Mayon Sylvain, a Sister of Mercy, joined the staff of AAC:SS as Associate Director in January 2012. As Program Director since 2016, Sister Mayon also facilitates opportunities for program management in collaboration with the AAC:SS leaders of the six AAC:SS-affiliated sub-Saharan countries. The programs are identified and implemented by the African women religious for self-empowerment as a response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic. African women religious are working across congregations and countries to promote spiritual development and Sister-to-Sister empowerment for community and ministry.

Sister Mayon works with the AAC:SS coordinators who are charged with the responsibility of offering HIV/AIDS workshops and related educational programs; providing updated information on living positively for their use at places of ministry; and in the management of the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Sister Mayon has served as a registered staff nurse, nurse anesthetist, and assistant hospital administrator at Mercy Hospital in Guyana, South America. She has served as the coordinator of a project for Boston City Hospital maternity unit and Boston Community Clinics underwritten by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Previously, she has worked with Mercy Hospital in Luzerne and Lackawanna Counties in Pennsylvania in the implementation and management of community health programs for residents of three low-income communities. She also facilitated opportunities for medical interns in community health.

Sister Mayon holds a bachelor of science degree in nursing from Misericordia University; a master’s degree in public health/health services administration from Boston University; and a doctorate in public health from Walden University.

Administrative Staff

Mildred Rossiter, RSM
Treasurer, Director of Finance

Kathleen Curnym, RSM

Volunteer Staff

Marjorie Hale
Assistant, Donor Management Relations

Tellie Lape, ICM
Assistant, Data Management

In-Country Leadership

Standing, left to right: Sr. Rosemary Jeffries, RSM, Executive Director, AAC:SS-USA; Sr. Gloria Tenthani, SCO, AAC:SS Chair, Malawi; Sr. Judith Chakabveyo, SJI, AAC:SS Chair, Zimbabwe.

Seated, left to right: Sr. Teresa Namataka, SKM, AAC:SS Chair, Uganda; Sr. Lucy M. Esedebe, OLA, AAC:SS Chair, Nigeria; Sr. Momo Hortense, SHU, AAC:SS Representative, Cameroon; Sr. Mayon Sylvain, RSM, Program Director, AAC:SS-USA; Sr. Lontia Siakalambwa, SHS, AAC:SS Chair, Zambia.

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