“We have gone beyond empowering people with HIV/AIDS to live life positively, and to keep their values and dignity. Now we see responsible members of society and good leaders who can make decisions to transform themselves and the world.” Sr. Bridget Kokiambo, Uganda

Sister to Sister supports capacity-building conferences, workshops, and academic degree programs for women religious serving the HIV/AIDS community of sub-Saharan Africa. Through these efforts, Sisters are empowered to lead, heal, and advocate for the poor, especially women and youth.

Sister to Sister believes that education is the key to…

  • ending the stigma associated with HIV/AIDS in Africa
  • reducing the number of new cases
  • training women religious to better serve the HIV/AIDS community
  • building a network of Sisters on the frontlines who care for one another

The challenge. People living with HIV/AIDS are often afraid to discuss their illness or go for testing. Silence is a major impediment to treatment, especially for women.

Our calling. Sister to Sister believes that breaking the silence is the best way to achieve positive outcomes in critical care ministries. We support educational programs that give women religious the tools to become better listeners, caregivers, administrators, and also religious Sisters.

The outcome. As a result of training supported by Sister to Sister, women religious are better prepared to deal with the psychological and physical impact of HIV/AIDS on individuals and families and those suffering from extreme poverty. Sisters are also better able to support one another as women of faith. Many Sisters need this support because they, too, are grieving at the loss of family and friends to AIDS.

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