Zimbabwe, Africa


Sisters have published a 20 page booklet to explain the role of the Church as Teacher, Servant and Prophet amidst the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

In June 2006, the AAC:SS coordinator in Zimbabwe organized a workshop on HIV and AIDS: Stigma and Discrimination. Thirty-one Sisters from different religious congregations attended. The Sisters made presentations and shared personal experiences. The AAC:SS coordinators said the experience was “informative and renewing.”

Local AAC:SS Sisters secured their own funding to offer a workshop on HIV/AIDS issues for the empowerment of women religious within the pandemic.

2014 AAC:SS Masvingo Zimbabwe Needs Assessment

58% indicated that the lack of funds is the greatest barrier to further education 38%  of the participants felt the need to advance their knowledge in HIV/AIDS issues so as to offer holistic care to the infected and affected. Theology and Sociology each received 13%....

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