The Zambian Association of Superiors (ZAS) has structured their organization into 11 branches. They are offering a series of awareness seminars and workshops in each of the 11 branches in order to sensitize the Sisters in Zambia to HIV/AIDS issues.

Sisters from Malawi and Zambia held a joint AAC:SS conference from 25 September to 3 October 2008.

An AAC:SS Sister was able to expand the programming of a Diocesan radio station in order to offer regularly scheduled programs addressing HIV and AIDS.


“In my sharing with the Sisters, I see myself as a tree that will bear good fruits in the field.”
-Sr. Agnes Nataba, Missionary Sisters of Mary Mother of the Eucharist

Together we shall win and we are the cure!

Zambia has been in the AAC:SS since 2003 since the first conference in Kenya Nairobi. The journey has included many challenges with many changes and shifts. The AAC:SS is a committee of the Zambia Association of Sisterhood(ZAS) and received full recognition within the...

AAC:SS-Zambia Association of Sisterhood Newsletter

The All Africa Conference: Sister to Sister has taken root in Zambia and we all feel excited and our experiences cover a whole range of ministries and this is in view of serving each other and the people of God. Our daily tune is: Sister let me be your servant and let...

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