The All Africa Conference: Sister to Sister has taken root in Zambia and we all feel excited and our experiences cover a whole range of ministries and this is in view of serving each other and the people of God.

Our daily tune is: Sister let me be your servant and let me be as Christ to you…..

The sisters are spending time listening to each other during a workshop. “Life is too precious to be wasted.”

At left is Sr. Joanna and in the middle is Sr. Agnes from Livingstone Diocese.

Monze Diocese was sharing at meeting the need to be a presence to each other. What a wonderful experience to be present to each other at various times and incidents.

Our sisters work directly with those who are ailing, and this is our great Mission—to attend to those who are helpless. Jesus will say, COME to me blessed of my Father……. FOR I WAS SICK AND YOU LOOKED AFTER ME.

All Africa Conference: Sister to Sister embraces all Sisterhood!

Let us celebrate Life!