Zambia has been in the AAC:SS since 2003 since the first conference in Kenya Nairobi. The journey has included many challenges with many changes and shifts. The AAC:SS is a committee of the Zambia Association of Sisterhood(ZAS) and received full recognition within the structure of the Association five years ago. This recognition has given energy to the sisters who are serving on the coordinating committee.

Our Coordinators are from the 11 Dioceses of Zambia, namely, Monze, Livingstone, Kabwe, Lusaka, Ndola, Mpika, Kasama, Solwezi, Chipata, Mongu and Mansa; this has brought richness to the Team. As Zambia AAC:SS, we have big dreams for its effectiveness. One of our great dreams is to widen our tent to accomodate as many sisters as possible in the fight againist HIV/AIDS in our country.

We have committed ourselves to:

–    zero infections

–    creating a transformative climate in the community

–    healthy holistic communities

–    managing and understanding life’s transitions ( aging gracefully).

In conclusion, we affirmed not to fight the battle alone; we shall work in collaboration with Kalundu study as they carry out their programmes especially those related to the building up of community life. Together we shall win, and we are the cure!

Our new email address is: